Saint Epaminondas the Martyr

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Saint Epaminondas the Martyr

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* In Greece in all ecclesiastical items.


Lithography (icon) of Saint Epaminondas with real gold leaf in MDF.

Icon weight per size selection: ~ 500gr / ~ 700gr / ~ 900gr / ~ 1500gr.

Saint Epaminondas martyred in 250 AD. in Carthage, Africa. During the reign of Emperor Decius and ruler Fourtounianou, along with 43 other Christians, he was found guilty of destroying pagan temples and after horrific torture, was beheaded. The memory of the Saint is honored by the Orthodox Church on April 10 of each year.

Apolytikion of Saint Epaminondas the Martyr and his Companions

Plagal of the First Tone

All the powers of Heaven were awestruck and amazed at the achievements and deeds of the holy Martyrs of Christ; for contending well in mortal bodies clothed with flesh, they overcame the fleshless foe by the power of the Cross and invisibly subdued him. And now they pray to the Lord, that He might bestow His mercy on our souls.

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