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Saints Demetrius & George

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Saints Demetrius & George

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Lithography (icon) of Saints Demetrios and George with real gold leaf in MDF.

Icon weight per size selection: 18x14cm. ~ 360gr. / 24x18cm ~ 600gr / 32x24cm. ~ 1150gr. / 45x35cm ~ 2000gr.

Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-streamer was born in Thessaloniki around 280 AD when the emperor of Rome was Maximian. He came from an aristocratic family and quickly rose to the high positions of the Roman army. He embraced the Christian faith and became a preacher of the Word of God in Thessaloniki. He taught the Bible to young students in underground galleries of the city and that fact provoked the hatred of the pagans. Demetrios was arrested for his actions and taken in front of Maximian. The emperor asked the Saint to renounce his faith and when he refused, he ordered his imprisonment and execution. His memory is celebrated by the Orthodox Christian Church on October 26 of each year. He is honored as the patron saint of Thessaloniki.

Saint George the Great Martyr was born in Nicomedia of Bithynia between the years 275 and 281 AD. His father Gerontius, a soldier by profession, came from Cappadocia. His mother's name was Polychronia and she was originally from Lydda of Palestine. George was raised in a Christian environment because his parents had been baptized Christians. At a young age, the Saint joined the ranks of the Roman army and distinguished for his bravery, as a result of which he soon became commander of the imperial guard. When in 303 AD. Diocletian started the savage persecutions against the Christians, George refused to obey the orders and was beheaded. The Orthodox Christian Church celebrates the memory of Saint George the Trophy-Bearer on April 23.

Apolytikion of Saint George the Great Martyr

Fourth Tone

Liberator of captives, defender of the poor, physician of the sick, and champion of kings, O trophy-bearer, Great Martyr George, intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.

Apolytikion of Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-streamer

Third Tone

The world has found in you a great champion in time of peril, as you emerged the victor in routing the barbarians. For as you brought to naught the boasts of Lyaios, imparting courage to Nestor in the stadium, in like manner, holy one, great Martyr Dimitrios, invoke Christ God for us, that He may grant us His great mercy.

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