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Saint Elizabeth the Wonderworker

Saint Elizabeth the Wonderworker

Price: 7,80

Lithography (icon) of Saint Elizabeth the Wonderworker with real gold leaf in MDF.

Icon weight per size selection: 18x14cm. ~ 360gr. / 24x18cm ~ 600gr / 32x24cm. ~ 1150gr. / 45x35cm ~ 2000gr.

Saint Elizabeth came from Thrace and lived in the 5th century AD. Her wealthy parents were childless and beg God to give them a child. One day Elizabeth's father, Eunomianus, saw in a dream Saint Glykeria who revealed to him that they would soon have a baby girl, as it did. But at the age of 15, Elizabeth was left an orphan and distributed her fortune to the poor.

Later she went to Constantinople where she practiced asceticism in the Monastery of Saint George. She became a nun and was distinguished for her strict ascetic life and as a result God rewarded her with the miraculous gift. When the abbess of the monastery passed away, she appointed Elizabeth her successor. The Saint slept in peace and was buried in the church of Saint George. Her memory is commemorated by the Orthodox Christian Church on April 24 of each year.

Apolytikion of Saint Elizabeth the Wonderworker

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

The image of God, was faithfully preserved in you, O Mother. For you took up the Cross and followed Christ. By Your actions you taught us to look beyond the flesh for it passes, rather to be concerned about the soul which is immortal. Wherefore, O Holy Elizabeth, your soul rejoices with the angels.

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