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Saints Spyridon, Nicholas & Panteleimon

Saints Spyridon, Nicholas & Panteleimon

Price: 55,00

Mount Athos serigraph (icon) of Saints Spyridon, Nicholas & Panteleimon on wood with real gold leaves.

Dimensions: 20x15cm. / 30x22cm. / 40x30cm.

Saint Spyridon was born in Assia Famagusta of Cyprus in 270 AD. He was a shepherd by profession and the owner of agricultural land. His parents urged him to marry a woman from his village with whom he had a daughter named Irene. Spyridon had a limited education but thanks to his honest Christian life he was elected bishop of Trymithous. He took part in the First Ecumenical Council in 325 AD. and was an opponent of the sect of Arius.

The Saint slept peacefully on December 12, 350 AD. and his relic was transported to Constantinople and from there to Corfu. His miracles were many and for this reason he was named Wonderworker. He is the patron saint of potters and the patron saint of Corfu, Piraeus and Messolonghi. The Orthodox Christian Church celebrates his memory on December 12 of each year.

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara of Lycia in 270 AD. by wealthy but pious parents. After distributing his possessions to the poor, he was ordained a priest and then ascended to the archbishopric throne of Myra in Lycia. From his high position he fought for the spread of Christianity, a fact that infuriated the pagans who tortured and imprisoned him.

After his release from prison, he continued his spiritual work and took part in the work of the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea of Asia Minor which condemned Arianism. He slept peacefully in 343 AD. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is the protector of the sailors and patron saint of Alexandroupolis, Volos, Galaxidi, Kozani, Polygyros, Sitia and Syros. The Orthodox Christian Church commemorates him on December 6 of each year.

Saint Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Healer was born at the end of the 3rd century AD. in Nicomedia by a pagan father and a Christian mother. His mother, Eubula, died when Panteleimon was still very young and his father Eustorgius take over his upbringing. Eustorgius sent Panteleimon to study with the well-known doctor Euphrosinos to teach him the science of medicine. Panteleimon soon acquired a great education and was distinguished for his character and his intelligence.

At the same time, the Saint had developed a close spiritual relationship with the elder priest Ermolaos whom he visited on a daily basis. One day Panteleimon resurrected, with the help of Christ, a child who had died from a viper bite. This fact was the occasion for his baptism as a Christian by the elder Ermolaos. Since then, he helped the poor in every way and healed the sick without receiving any money. His action annoyed the other doctors of the city, as a result of which they betrayed him to the emperor Maximian.

Panteleimon, in front of the great persecutor of Christians Maximian, confessed his Christian faith. The emperor became angry and ordered that he be tortured cruelly and ruthlessly. Eventually, the Saint martyred by beheading and surrendered his soul to the Lord. The Orthodox Christian Church celebrates his memory on July 27 of each year. Saint Panteleimon is the patron saint of Florina, Kato Nevrokopi, Paranesti, Drama and Tilos.

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